Sunday, May 12, 2013

So much news

And then there was The Appendicitis that ruined both my birthday (I spent 8 hours in the emergency room ON my birthday and only one person there noticed!) and a good part of March. You see, they took my appendix out, but left a lot of infection swimming around in my intestines. After ten days in the hospital, the doctors finally decided that perhaps the drugs weren't working and did another cat scan... Then they put a drain in my back to take the stuff that wasn't supposed to be inside me out and sent me home. (I am skipping over the bits that made me think I might die in the hospital and had my family looking up malpractice attorneys.) That drain didn't work. after nearly a week at home where I could only get out of bed for ten minutes at a time and I ate next to nothing, I found another surgeon. She put me back in the hospital, this time at a huge hospital with a great reputation (instead of the shitty, threatened-with-closing one closer to home), and they gave me another drain that did the trick! Finally! I was back at work almost exactly one month after I left.

And now, a little more than one month after that, I'm leaving that job to take one in Pittsburgh! That's right, after years of "should we move here? No, that won't work..." we're moving someplace that has never been on our radar! As we start to tell friends and acquaintances, it seems that everyone loves it or knows someone who lives there. More on that later....