Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh boy, oh boy!

Check out this great post on Family Equality Council's blog, featuring our sweet baby at Pride this weekend: Pride for Pride's Sake.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Right now, planning is my number one hobby, followed closely by Facebook, mahjong on my ipod, reading up on "real food" and watching episodes of PBS Masterpiece and Arrested Development. I play with my kids when they're awake. Sometimes at night, I drink a glass of wine and try to read American Rose without dozing off (not because the book is bad, I just can't stay awake). I think about sewing, but I'm such a perfectionist I can't bear to start because I'll get so frustrated when I don't do it right.

I really can't stop thinking about where we want to live next. First, we decided we were moving to Atlanta. Then, it was the NJ suburbs of NYC. Last week, it was the NJ suburbs of Philly. Now it's Los Angeles. I look at real estate. I look at neighborhoods. I read City-Data. I check on schools. It gets pretty consuming and then I wonder why I'm even bothering... we don't plan to leave NYC for several years yet.

I do it because I'm tired of NYC and I'm ready to go. I'm ready to leave the crowds of people and the dirt and rudeness everywhere. I'm ready to leave our 1 1/2 bedroom masquerading as a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, combo living/dining room, no dishwasher, no washer/dryer. I'm tired of being so broke for no good reason. So many people we know are leaving the city... it makes me sad and frustrated that we have to stick it out here for a little while longer. Things are so hard and isolating here that I'm dreaming of somewhere better. I hope we can find it.


This morning, I asked Ellie for a hug and she gave me a kiss on the lips (doesn't happen very often). Then she walked over to Lauren and gave her a kiss. Seriously, that kid.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Anyone else using Blogger? Why the frick can't I get it to insert paragraphs? Even when I put TWO returns between paragraphs, it still smushes everything together into one paragraph. I'm better than this, I swear!

Entertain me.

Dear people,

It is Friday. That means it's pretty slow at work and I'm looking for things to read. When I say "things to read," I'm talking about new posts on your blogs. Can you help a sister out? You've all put up new posts that are password-protected, so I can't read them. Don't make me beg and cry.

Which reminds me that we got a new Baby Faces book, and every time El gets to the "boo-hoo" page, she cries hysterically. And yet she still wants to read the book again? Go figure. And what is up with the babies of color being assigned to all the "negative" feelings (boo hoo, yucky, etc.)?


Please help these ladies make a documentary.

Please visit Kickstart and kick in a few dollars to help these ladies make their film.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dance Dance Dance

Okay, I'm going to admit something. My kids watch "tv" for about 1/2 hour in the morning while I'm getting ready and Zaz makes their breakfast. I say "tv" because they watch videos on YouTube... Caspar Babypants, OK Go, old Se.sam.e Str.eet, Poco.yo, and Charl.ie and L.ola, mostly, though sometimes we end up watching cats snuggling with puppies or puppies trying to roll over after clicking on one of those "you might like this" links at the side (That can really get you in trouble- we watched a cute video of a cat making biscuits on a dog's back, but the "you might like this" choices were oh. my. NUH-uh.)

El has a serious thing for El.mo. What the heck? I always swore my kids would have nothing to do with him, but dammit, she loves him so much she asks for him by name. Most of the new Se.same is awful, but there are some skits? pieces? numbers? from when he first came on the scene that are good. The one with Adam S.andler and Elmo cracks us up (It's not about a dragon... who likes to kiss and tell-mo...)

The one that is possibly the biggest hit right now is this one with Paul Simon. Ru loves to dance and run around when she hears it. If Zazie and I start clapping and singing "Dance, dance, dance", both the girls start dancing. Ru even says it to herself randomly, but it kind of sounds like "dass, dass, dass" when she does it.