Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Day

Today's the memorial ride for our donor. We are meeting his parents and sisters and several of the half-siblings and their families today. We may even meet the coordinator from our bank! We hadn't planned on making the 14 hour drive, but decided it was too important to miss, so we drove all night. It is a sad and exciting day.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Little Houdini

Ellie started grousing at 6:30 this morning. We don't normally go get them out of their cribs until at least 7, so I waited a few minutes to see if she'd just go back to sleep. After ten minutes or so, I gave up and went in just in case something was wrong. She wasn't crying in the way that said there was anything wrong, but better safe than sorry. I went in and the little stinker had her sleep sack half on! One sleeve on, one sleeve off. I suppose it was uncomfortable. I can only think that maybe I didn't pull the zipper all the way down last night when I put her to bed.

Poor Ruby was still asleep when I went in to check on them. She lifted her head and sat up, but she laid right down and went back to sleep! Normally, if one of them is up and you go in to get the awake one, the one who's asleep wakes up instantly. So the poor girl must've been tired. I would be too if I had to hear that complaining when I was trying to sleep!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oy, the Clingy and the Cranky.

The ladies are extremely clingy these days. You leave the room for a second and they let out piercing wails. Pick one up first, the other one screams, even as you're talking to the left-behind one to tell her she's next. The tears, the tears!

We've set up one of those Super Play Yards with a cushy alphabet mat at the end of the living room. It makes us doubly sad to see both of them standing, crying and pulling at the fence when we leave them to go get something in the other room. We are doing our best to rectify our rugless situation so that we can free them from their baby prison and explore the house. Our floors are parquet over cement (ie face-breaking-hard) so there is no way we can let them roam before rugs happen.

Seriously, being a parent to twins is so hard. Being a parent to twins without a car, dishwasher, or washer/dryer is f*cking impossible. Well, not impossible, since we seem to be doing it, but WAH!!

To keep the kitchen clean, one needs to wash dishes, dishes, dishes. Of course, we can't wash the dishes when the girls are awake (I like to spend time with daughters every day, funny, and with my hour commute, I don't get much awake time). We can't do them right after they go to sleep, because with their room right off the kitchen and that weird service window between the rooms (we think their room used to be the dining room), they wake up. So if dishes get done, they have to be done at 9 or 10 when they're asleep enough that they don't stir. We are planning to switch rooms with them so they won't be disturbed (unless it's by our neighbor with the recording studio who forgets what time it is- that's another story), but that requires painting their room, moving furniture, cleaning, etc. with babies who refuse to be separated from us. And then there's the laundry, which Zazie can't do during the day because of their nap schedule (and keeping them in the stroller for too long), so it can only be done at night or on the weekends. Or the grocery and necessity shopping that can be done either by me on my way home from work or on the weekend with both of us, during the time that we should be cleaning or cooking or doing laundry or hanging out with our children and each other!

Oh, wait, when did this become the whining hour?

Seriously, I have had it with New York. I've had it with renting. I've had it with not having a car. I've had it with not having a washer dryer. Problem is, on one income, how does a family leave this place? Or are we stuck in this circle of hell for all eternity?

(My opinions are not necessarily shared by Zazie. Just want to put that out there.)