Friday, September 28, 2012


Yesterday, I went to the doctor, who told me I probably had a virus. That was exactly what I was expecting she'd say. I've been going to this particular practice for going on 10 years now, off and on, and I think I've been prescribed antibiotics maybe once? I guess that's as much a testament to my general health as it is to their reluctance to prescribe. I'm glad they aren't pushing the meds, but sometimes when you feel sh*tty, you just want someone to say "here's what's wrong. take this and it'll be fixed." Between the diagnosis of "suck it up" (not at all what the doc told me, that's just my message to myself) and the 9 hours of sleep I had, I'm feeling much better today.

One of the girls' half-sibs and her mom are with us this weekend for the girls' birthday (which was yesterday). We are excited because we love the two of them, but a little freaked out because the bug situation in our apartment is gross. We live in a multi-story building, we've always had problems with bugs, but since I've been pregnant, we haven't let them spray, only put down gel. Well, that only works for a bit and now. Eek. Between the bugs and the freaking tiny apartment where our guests will be luxuriating in the palatial space we call the living room floor, we are hoping that her visit doesn't make her run screaming from us as fast as she can.

Their birthday party is Sunday. We've planned it for a local playground. Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain, otherwise we'll have 14 kids plus parents and sundry others shoved into our apartment. If that doesn't make a preggo crave some booze, I don't know what will.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

How do I do this?

Ugh. People. I am not sure how I'm going to make it through the next month. I feel like I'm going to keel over and die. I am so exhausted and in such a bad mood most of the time.

The girls have been getting up at butt-crack o'clock every morning... I get up with them whenever they show up in our room (between 5:45 and 6:00), stay up until Lauren gets up at 7:30, then go back to sleep for a half an hour-ish. We have tried the wake-up alarms, but the girls just don't give a sh*t and get up whenever they damn well please. Plus, I've been sick the last week and a half with what the doctor told me today might be viral bronchitis (ie there's nothing they can do for me- annoying!).

The poor girls have been getting the brunt of it. I don't want to yell at them. I want to be the ideal positive parenting example, but it's so freakin' hard. Thing is, they either don't respond to yelling (ie they ignore you) or they get upset and start crying. Neither of those outcomes are what I want. I guess I'm just going to give in on most things for now... let them watch fifteen hours of Art.hur or games on my iPad, let Ru wash her toy horse in the sink for an hour. I just feel so impatient and annoyed with them much of the time. I really want to snap out of that, because that is bullsh*t and not the parent I want to be.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So, so wrong.

Our baby shower invitations went out. We didn't have much stuff that we needed, but we had a few things, so we made a registry. I can't stop myself, I have checked the registry several times to see what people got us. It's like knowing where your parents hid the Christ.mas presents and sneaking a peek. I need to stop!

Monday, September 17, 2012

So what would YOU do?

On Saturday, friends came over for dinner with their three kids. Halfway through, the oldest started laying on her mom saying she didn't want to play, that she didn't feel well. Turns out she'd had diarrhea and a fever all day! And they still brought her over!

This couple is notorious among our friends for bringing sick kids to events. Then their sick kids get everyone else sick. It doesn't help that their kids are always sick- either they're just sickly or it's that they're in daycare.  They never cancel. They just bring them snotty, feverish, pooping excessively, whatever.

Now Ellie's sick and I'm pissed. Who brings sick kids over to play, especially when one of their moms is pregnant? I guess since their kids are always sick they don't give a sh*t? I don't want our kids to live in a bubble, but they get sick every. single. time. we see this couple.

Is there a tactful way to say, "Hey, could you please cancel? Or could one of you stay home with the sick kid?"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


It's been a long time since I've posted here, huh?

We hit 32 weeks on Tuesday. I think taking the hospital tour last week and having our first doula meeting (aside from the interview) this weekend has snapped us into reality.

We are both in disbelief that this baby will be here in two months. In two months (give or take), we will be parents to THREE children.

Between now and my due date (beginning of November, btw), we have so many weekend visitors and the girls' third birthday. Zazie's dad comes in two weeks. The weekend after that is the girls' birthday, plus a visit from a half-sib (also named Ru) and her mom. The weekend after that we have our baby shower. Two weeks after that, the girls' aunt (donor's sis) is visiting. Then my mom around Halloween and stays until Miss H is born.

Holy hell. That's a lot of visitors in our tiny apartment at what will be a very hectic and uncomfortable time for me. What the heck are we thinking? There's not much to do to prepare (third kid=lackadaisical preparation. We have clothes, boobs, a place for her to sleep- what else is there to do?), but I hope we can get everything done with all these people coming to visit!

Several big things to do before this baby gets here, all involving the girls: switch them to toddler beds, move their car seats to the back of the minivan (and install new baby's!), and hardcore potty train them. We finally got another toddler bed to match the one we picked up at a garage sale, we just need to put it together. The girls have been climbing out of their cribs for weeks now, so we're hoping that the change won't inspire later bedtimes/earlier wake-ups than we're getting now. We are sad about the car seats- the girls will be SO far away from us now. We were supposed to hardcore potty train once we got back from our big trip this summer, but it hasn't happened. The girls have constant access to the potty, but we don't remind them to use it... we occasionally ask and they occasionally go on their own, but we haven't really put any effort into it yet. It sure would be nice to not have to change three sets of diapers.