Wednesday, October 10, 2012


At the doctor's appointment yesterday, I was told I'm 80% effaced, 2-3 cm dilated. Haha. Commence to freaking the f_ out. As you might remember, I was 36 weeks yesterday. I know in my heart of hearts she could come at any time now (the girls were born at 36.5), but you know, knowing and knowing are two different things. My best friend reminds me that she was on bedrest for months and was at nearly the same spot I was when they took her off at 37 weeks. Her son wasn't born until he was induced for low amniotic fluid a day after his due date. So she could hang around a while. Zazie said to the doctor, "She needs to just stay in until Grandma comes on the 25th" and the doctor said "Well....." (cue dramatic pause and shoulder shrugging). We'll see.

Guess who's now planning all the stuff we need to get done asap? Yeah. The procrastinator's getting sh*t taken care of. Though I know that everything will work out even if we DON'T have everything ready (we certainly weren't ready for the girls), I'd rather not be in that place again, where we have to stumble, sleep-deprived, to the store to buy supplies like diapers because we didn't before she's born.

The girls were very disappointed with my ultrasound experience at the doctor yesterday. They keep talking about how they "didn't see the baby on the screen" this time, since the tech was concentrating on measurements and didn't really give us a good profile shot. I know they will be fine, but I am a little sad that these are the last weeks that we will have with just the four of us.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This weekend was fantastic.

So lots of this happened this weekend...

The girls' half-sib and her mom came to stay with us this weekend. The half-sib is super sweet and her mom is awesome. We'd met them once before on our Disney trip last year, but we haven't seen them since because they live on the West Coast. We have a large group of donor families that we're aware of. We want to keep peripheral contact with all of them for the girls, but some families are special. These are families that we will go out of our way to visit... A&R are one of them. You know you've had a good visit when you are said that your houseguests are leaving!

The girls' third birthday was last week. This is the first year that they really "got" it. Strangely, two days before their birthday, E started saying that she was going to get "a real tea set" at their party... their main gift was a tea set, so that was a little weird!

The party on Sunday was a success... we had it outside at a local playground. Not only did the rain hold off, but we had the playground to ourselves for most of the afternoon! A few of the other area half-sibs came too.