Friday, April 27, 2012


Oh, thank god. Nothing particular makes me say that, but it's always nice to have days where you don't have to come to work.

Ru is so sassy. I know you're not supposed to assign traits to your kids, but dude. Last night, sitting at the table, she kept poking her fork in my arm. I asked her not to once, she did it again, so I took the fork away for a minute or so. Her response? She shoved her plate across the table! I took her over to the time out chair. When she came back, we hugged, I told her why she went to time out, and the girl gave me such a look. If she was thirteen, she'd have rolled her eyes at me. I am sure that I didn't handle things correctly, but what the heck? It also doesn't help that I can't seem to correct her or send her to time out without laughing. She's a tricky monkey.

Ellie is so ticklish. She loves being tickled and kissed on the cheek. Somehow, she's decided that the rug next to her crib is where the tickling should take place, so no matter where we are in the apartment, she'll say "lots of kisses?" and "tickles?" and then run back to her room and lie on the floor.

The ultrasound part of the nuchal went fine. It took the tech 10 minutes or so to get him/her to hold still and get in the right position though. 10 minutes of jiggling my belly (yum!), having me cough vigorously (ouch! round ligament pain!), and tipping the table so my feet were above my head. Man, that kid moves! Every time I've seen him/her on the ultrasound recently, Punky is moving and grooving all over the place. The tech and the doctor both told me that everything looks perfect and I am going to assume that the blood work will say the same, but we'll see next weke.

Caspar Babypants live tomorrow! The girls' first show, if you don't count Ruby's salsa in the park last summer. Zazie and I are the most excited of all, I think.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh, and the nuchal's tomorrow

You now have the option of pricking your own finger and mailing the sample in so you can get results the day of. I washed and swabbed my finger, squeezed it a bunch... and then I just couldn't do it. And Zazie, my faithful IVF shot giver, refused to do it, saying fingertip was way worse than thigh. So they'll be taking my blood tomorrow and I'll get results in a week. Waiting is a small price to pay for not having to prick.

And.... I'm probably jumping the gun, since I'm just 13 weeks next Tuesday, but I'm meeting with a prospective doula next week. I love that everyone has a website now. You can get a pretty good feel for people, or at least you can eliminate the folks you know you DON'T want. Anyway, this doula's fairly new, but she has a few good reviews, she lives in our neighborhood, she's queer/size positive, she's a massage therapist, and she does sliding scale. Now to see if we click!

Our first award!

Thanks so much to More Than Words for our first-ever blog award! 

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I'm full of bright ideas

I have all these ideas about what to write when I'm not writing. Now, I'm writing, and fuuuuuuuuuu.

Still pregnant. Still having the sick. Yesterday, the progression of shredded wheat/banana, washing my hair over the side of the tub, and then brushing my teeth led to yakking it all up. That was only the second time that's happened so far, but man.

Ru is having some nighttime issues. All of a sudden, she's a huge bundle of requests at bedtime. Squares blanket, not strawberry blanket. (Of course, if you don't get out of the room quick enough, she'll make you switch blankets again before you leave). Snuggle-buggles. Another book. (Despite the five books already in the crib). And the crying. And the Mama! Mama! Mommy! Mommy! Moooaaamaay! (The combo request, just in case). This happens as we're leaving the room and then usually about 30 minutes to an hour later. Of course, El might fight getting into bed at first, but once she's in? She's under the covers, turned on her side, and ready for sleep. We leave the room, Ru starts screaming, and when we go in, there's El still under her covers, saying a cheery "hello." Ah well. Last night, they both fell asleep pretty easily. El woke up around 2 (and went back to sleep) and then Ru woke up around 6 (and went back to sleep). I guess that's not too bad?