Friday, November 6, 2009

And this too shall pass, yes?

So far, the girls have been pretty mellow. We've fed them, burped them, changed them, played with them a bit (depending on the time of day), then they go right back to sleep. Now, holy jeebus, things have changed. If they are awake and we are not holding them, they are crying to be held. When they wake up to be fed, there's no leeway... they're 0 to OHMYGODFEEDMENOWI'MDYING. That aside, they are both thisclose to smiling & we are anxiously awaiting that day. After seeing their gassy smirks, their actual smiles will be beautiful.

6 weeks Sunday!


  1. Yes it does pass but it comes back in different ways as they age... like for example: 0 to HOLYCRAPGETOUTOFTHEBATHROOMITSMYTURN! Or 0 to WAHHSHESTOLEMYCRAYON!

    Lol Good times I tell you good times to be had by all.

    I look forward to seeing those sweet smiles times 2!

  2. just wait mamas! Everyday will unfold new experiences, ugly and the beautiful.