Saturday, July 24, 2010

Big Day

Today's the memorial ride for our donor. We are meeting his parents and sisters and several of the half-siblings and their families today. We may even meet the coordinator from our bank! We hadn't planned on making the 14 hour drive, but decided it was too important to miss, so we drove all night. It is a sad and exciting day.


  1. so excited for you. i imagine this is hard, in many ways, but you are so brave and so open and so loving...i'm proud of you. and i am with you in spirit. it will be an amazing experience. love you so much!

  2. I hope you'll post afterwards. I hope that it's everything you expect it to be. It's great that you're going.

  3. So how does that all work? I assume you picked a KD...with a sibling registry? How did you come to that decision? (This is something my partner and I are still discussing)