Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This weekend was fantastic.

So lots of this happened this weekend...

The girls' half-sib and her mom came to stay with us this weekend. The half-sib is super sweet and her mom is awesome. We'd met them once before on our Disney trip last year, but we haven't seen them since because they live on the West Coast. We have a large group of donor families that we're aware of. We want to keep peripheral contact with all of them for the girls, but some families are special. These are families that we will go out of our way to visit... A&R are one of them. You know you've had a good visit when you are said that your houseguests are leaving!

The girls' third birthday was last week. This is the first year that they really "got" it. Strangely, two days before their birthday, E started saying that she was going to get "a real tea set" at their party... their main gift was a tea set, so that was a little weird!

The party on Sunday was a success... we had it outside at a local playground. Not only did the rain hold off, but we had the playground to ourselves for most of the afternoon! A few of the other area half-sibs came too.


  1. How great. I can see some similarities in some of the kids.

    The family from Ca. isn't a 2 mom family ?
    Not that it matters...but we haven't seen any straight families reaching out on the DSR. all 2 moms and a couple of single women.
    Any hew. Just curious.

    oh and....glad they got their tea set :)

    1. That family's a single-mom family, though I see why you might think that from the last picture... but those are friends of ours unrelated to the donor sibs. We have a bunch of single moms, a bunch of lesbian families, and one lonely straight family. Would love to know why that is... are there some donors out there who's resulting children are in straight families?