Monday, February 25, 2013

Totally TMI

I have a job interview today with a firm moving to the town where we went to college and met. This would be a sweet, awesome deal even if I have to take a pay cut (I will). We can afford a house, see family more often, oh man oh man.

OF COURSE today I have the worst constipation I have ever had. People, I haven't really pooped since Thursday, despite taking "stool softeners" etc. This morning, I felt sick and couldn't eat breakfast, so I stuck with a big cup of coffee. You know what happened? I threw up over and over again after trying to brush my teeth. I am in a fog because I couldn't sleep very well last night. Everything hurts like I'm getting sick, but I know that it's just because my body isn't working right at the moment. I can barely walk.

I need your good thoughts/prayers, whatever you got. This job is mine to lose and I'm so f&cking scared I will.

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  1. I am so sorry ! Here's hoping you get moving right along.