Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Crib Drama

Zazie's dad's baby present was going to be cribs for the girls. Zazie just got a call from the manufacturer. Apparently, there were 2 cribs in white left in stock, but when they opened the boxes, they were both water-damaged. They won't be back in stock until October, and even then, the new version of the crib won't have a drop-down side! If we want this style, we'll have to get either cherry or oak. Yuck.

Cherry? Oak? Or another crib entirely? I just want to have things settled.


  1. we have a white crib and i love it!

  2. hello there!
    :) adding you to the blogroll if you don't mind!

    we went with dark wood and adore it. but, i love the all white look too!