Tuesday, August 25, 2009

They're Gonna Put Me in the Movies...

Zazie and I did an interview with a documentary film crew a few weeks ago. They're coming back for more footage and interview tomorrow night because apparently, the director liked us (he was not at the initial interview).

We're dragging our feet on this one. We were nervous the first time, but now we're dreading it. The documentary is supposed to be about love in the big city, but they seemed to focus a lot on our donor and how we picked him during the first interview, resulting in some funny (read: embarrassing) quotes from me that I'm sure they're going to use. We were pretty unhappy with the focus... I can only assume that the two (young-ish) straight girls doing the interview were oblivious and not familiar with our type of baby-making situation. We also were filmed in our old apartment, which was in shambles after weeks of packing in preparation for our move, in front of a bunch of boxes.

Tomorrow, they want to film us for TWO hours doing house stuff, then do an interview. The apartment is STILL a wreck because we've been trying to paint and unpack with Lauren unable to do much at all because she's on modified bedrest. Plus, our new place, while much better than the old, doesn't have nearly the nooks and crannies to shove the stuff we don't want filmed.

We'd scrap the whole thing, but we've already signed a release for the other footage, so they'll probably use it anyway. We're hoping to redeem ourselves with tomorrow's shoot. We'll see.

UPDATE: I just spoke with the director. In addition to the stuff around the house and the interview, they also want to film us getting ready for bed. Ahahahahahahaha. Zazie's going to looooove that.

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  1. That sounds silly that they'd want to film you gals getting ready for bed. such voyeurs!
    Hello! Liking the new blog! Can't wait to "meet" the girlies! :)