Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gah. Scared.

This is what we have to look forward to:

"How do you get your grocery shopping done? Is it possible to grocery shop with two toddlers? And if yes, I need details, please." HDYDI: What Was I thinking?


  1. ha. that's so funny. 'how do you do it?' - that's what i am always wondering. one is such a wonderful challenge but i often do wonder how two or more would be. and i guess the answer is: you just do it. there's no choice but i suppose there are different and better (or worse) ways to do things.

  2. i shop alone, baby! the twinadoes (who will be 3 in may) stay home with mama. and i get a bit of time to myself to shop. i tried taking both of them a few months ago and it was a nightmare. i could probably take one and it would be fine. but honestly, i don't want to. i want to have time to shop the sales and use my coupons and all the rest. having a kid or two with me makes it way too hard!

  3. I put a baby in the cart and strap the other one to me. Some places are cool and have room to put 2 babies in front.

    That video of the fake cough laugh is AWESOME. You have beautiful babies.