Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And That's One of the Things I Hate.

Oh, New York. Everyone is real estate- and neighborhood-obsessed. Unfortunately, you are forced to become that way as you get chased from neighborhood to neighborhood in search of an affordable place to live (and, most likely, you are displacing someone who has even less money than you do, but that's another story).

A nearby nabe used to be known as the heart of lesbian NYC. That is, until it got nice and then expensive. Then most of the lesbians left for greener (ie cheaper) pastures.

On the neighborhood queer listserv, someone asked where all the gays go when they can't afford P-Slop. Lots of folks chimed in about the neighborhoods they've moved to... "we like it, more space, decent schools, blahblahblah..." After lots of discussion about other neighborhoods, a woman wrote in to say, "...can't help but continue to feel slightly abandoned! now that we could finally afford to move back to the slope, sounds like the mass exodus continues. this has been our experience with many queer friends too . anybody left out there?"

Ugh. Seriously. Cry me a river and then shut your mouth. In a discussion where people are saying they can't afford the "good" neighborhood, you're boohooing about how you CAN afford it? Really?


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  2. lmao! You should come join the rest of the P-Slop refugees in PLG.

  3. We're over in Prospect Park South, so I'm already out in the "sticks." Haha.

  4. We're in PPS, too, small world! My sister lives in P-Slop, so it's nice to be close...without paying what she does in rent.