Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Long time, no update

Our trip to Texas last week was great. Dallas, Austin, Houston in 10 days. We saw my family and Zazie's family. We saw the Fort Worth Water Gardens, drove around Austin (that was mainly what we did there- those damn baby naps get in the way of intensive touristing), went to the Houston Zoo and the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum. The girls swam for the first time!

Ruby has been intermittently crawling since the trip. Ellie learned a new trick too. You know when you say "Ahhhh" and put your hand up to your mouth and it sounds like "Awh Awh Awh"? (Does that make any sense?) It's super cute because she does it with the back of her hand.

Now, when Ruby wakes up in the middle of the night (last night, it happened several times), we'll go to her crib and she'll be sitting up with her eyes closed, crying. It's the most pathetic thing. Is that just what babies who've learned to sit up well do? I usually will lay her back down, but it seems mean to make her do that.

We also had our first "What the...?" in the middle of the night. Ruby was screaming (pretty sure those top teeth are coming in), I went in, laid her back down and tried to put her pacifier in her mouth. She batted the paci away, so I got her a bottle (middle of the night feeding.. yes, that's probably wrong somehow). When I took her out of her crib, the middle of her back was wet. The diaper had leaked, but it wasn't even that full, really. Super weird.

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  1. welcome back! seriously, i was going through withdrawals. i've heard many weird diaper leakage tales, but at least the girls can't (i'm hoping) pee into your face! my sister and dawne both tell stories such as these. yuck. sounds like the girls are thriving.