Friday, May 13, 2011

So. Annoyed.

I wrote a really long draft post about my feelings on being in contact with the donor's family, but it appears to be disappeared. Think B.logger had problems this morning, so we'll see.

This is day 4 of a caffeine slowdown. I've been a major consumer of caffeine since I was a teenager. I'm now down to 1 cup a day, though cup is more a description of the container than the amount- the lines on the side of the coffee pot say I'm drinking more like 4 cups. :) The goal is to cut out entirely in preparation for the fall. I feel like I definitely noticed jitters after this morning's cup, so I may cut it out entirely very quickly instead of slowly tapering off like I'd planned.

Day 4 of no alcohol either. I'm not a big boozer, but I have been in the habit lately of at least 1 glass of wine a night. Aside from my creeping dependence issues, it makes me bloated, it makes me lethargic. And do I need another regular source of sugar in my diet? Though I might have to have a mimosa at brunch this weekend.


  1. Since H1 found out about the new baby, we haven't been drinking caffeine. I've had a daily headache!! Ugh!

  2. What a bummer that your post was eaten up!