Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stop. Throwing. Food.

Mealtimes are annoying. The girls throw their food off their highchair trays at nearly every meal. If they don't like something, off it goes. We've tried saying "We don't throw our food." Or we take their tray completely off until they chill out. In an attempt at "positive discipline," I tried saying "We keep our food on our tray." The dropping continued. Is it the age? Or are we just not saying the magic words that will stop them??


  1. Stopping it? I have no idea.

    But when n throws food, she just doesn't get it back. There's still a mess, but less of one than when she first started having fun with it. I'm sure having two there is no help, as they probably egg each other on. Good luck!

  2. It's SOOOOO an age thing.
    I didn't with hold food but always threatened. I never felt like they really got it.
    PLUS. PLUS. PLUS. When the dog would eat an entire meal on the floor....she'd kindly find a spot to throw the hell up. UGH !

    Any ways. It's passes. All of my kids were (2 kind of are) food throwers.

    One piece of advice. Which is kind of a pain. But try only giving a tiny bit of food at a time. Bite by bite. That way....they won't really have extra to toss.
    Good luck. :)

  3. We just put ours in a kiddie pool for mealtime...