Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dance Dance Dance

Okay, I'm going to admit something. My kids watch "tv" for about 1/2 hour in the morning while I'm getting ready and Zaz makes their breakfast. I say "tv" because they watch videos on YouTube... Caspar Babypants, OK Go, old Se.sam.e Str.eet, Poco.yo, and and L.ola, mostly, though sometimes we end up watching cats snuggling with puppies or puppies trying to roll over after clicking on one of those "you might like this" links at the side (That can really get you in trouble- we watched a cute video of a cat making biscuits on a dog's back, but the "you might like this" choices were oh. my. NUH-uh.)

El has a serious thing for What the heck? I always swore my kids would have nothing to do with him, but dammit, she loves him so much she asks for him by name. Most of the new Se.same is awful, but there are some skits? pieces? numbers? from when he first came on the scene that are good. The one with Adam S.andler and Elmo cracks us up (It's not about a dragon... who likes to kiss and tell-mo...)

The one that is possibly the biggest hit right now is this one with Paul Simon. Ru loves to dance and run around when she hears it. If Zazie and I start clapping and singing "Dance, dance, dance", both the girls start dancing. Ru even says it to herself randomly, but it kind of sounds like "dass, dass, dass" when she does it.

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  1. I hear so much of myself in this post. I had a similar chagrin at any screen time for my young babes, and was highly selective in what they watched. (You may want to show them"Hippoptamus with Noodles on MyBack". I can still sing the song :)

    When #2 stopped sleeping all the time and established a nap pattern it was of course not the same times as #1. This is when I started showing her the Teletubbies; it was on PBS at the time and I recorded it and showed it to #1 to her immense delight while I got #2 nursed down. I would then play with her and nurse her down JUST in time for the other kid to wake. I felt like a baby maestro :) You can try it on YouTube, but buying a Teletubbies dvd felt like a good informer to me, even though I never intended for my babes to watch anything, ever. The other show I let them see with little guilt early on was Signing Time, which our library had on DVD. Nice music, lots of real kids, and we all learned a lot of ASL which we still use to this day; more than ever, actually, as I can sign to the Bigs when the new baby is sleeping and there is no waking. I can also communicate with them from across Target without screeching like a harpy, which is worth its weight in parenting gold. :)