Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh, and the nuchal's tomorrow

You now have the option of pricking your own finger and mailing the sample in so you can get results the day of. I washed and swabbed my finger, squeezed it a bunch... and then I just couldn't do it. And Zazie, my faithful IVF shot giver, refused to do it, saying fingertip was way worse than thigh. So they'll be taking my blood tomorrow and I'll get results in a week. Waiting is a small price to pay for not having to prick.

And.... I'm probably jumping the gun, since I'm just 13 weeks next Tuesday, but I'm meeting with a prospective doula next week. I love that everyone has a website now. You can get a pretty good feel for people, or at least you can eliminate the folks you know you DON'T want. Anyway, this doula's fairly new, but she has a few good reviews, she lives in our neighborhood, she's queer/size positive, she's a massage therapist, and she does sliding scale. Now to see if we click!

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