Monday, September 14, 2009

A Lovely Weekend

Everyone we know with children has been urging us to get out and do things before we no longer have the chance. This weekend we were very busy!

Saturday, we went to [bigSwedishboxstore] to get a dresser and bookshelf for the girls' room. In an ideal world, we would get an antique/vintage real wood dresser, but we are running out of time and there's no good (read:cheap) antiquing here in the City. Last night I began putting together the dresser. I stopped when I realized that I had assembled a drawer the wrong way and couldn't pull the pieces apart to reassemble it the right way (stupid plastic screws!). When I get tired, I get ridiculously frustrated and when I get frustrated, I stop thinking clearly, so it's better to finish assembling later this week.

My dresser assembly attempts thwarted, I stayed up way too late sorting all of their clothes and blankets and towels and washclothes so we can wash them. Seriously, all those little onesies and pants were killing me! I can't believe we will meet them so soon.

We also hung out with a lovely lesbian couple and their boy/girl twins on Saturday night. You know it's good when you can spend 5+ hours with people you've just met! Bonus, they live within walking distance (or short bus ride) from us. Our girls will need to be around other families like ours and it's a bonus that we like this family so much!

Yesterday, we had a very New York day. We saw Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway (short review: headliners need to work on singing, Kim & other cast good, sets & costumes great), then followed up with dinner at Ben's, a kosher deli. I had matzoh ball soup & corned beef on rye, Zazie had mushroom-barley soup & brisket. We left stuffed and happy.


  1. Good for you!

    Saturdays weather was awful. I got soaked because i just didn't think it would rain so hard.Sunday was great.

    Hope you have time tonight to undo and redo the

  2. I can't believe you guys are this far along!!! Wow!!

    So glad you are enjoying this time together and having a blast!!!