Thursday, September 17, 2009

That's It!

When Zazie went to the doctor this afternoon, both of our darlings were breech. Argh! That means Baby B, who's always been transverse since the beginning, has moved, but not in the way that we'd like. Stubborn baby! There's no external version option with twins and moxibustion seems unpleasant, so I guess we're going to be crossing our fingers for them to do a 180 between now and....

October 9th!!!

Our girls, if they don't decide to show up on their own before then, will be born by c-section on October 9th. How crazy & frightening & awesome!


  1. Oh my goodness...yes, how awesome and amazing! I was going to thank you for commenting on my blog. But, woah...birth! VERY, VERY amazing! All will be well...xo Ama

  2. how wonderful and crazy and wonderful again. reading about your preparation reminds me (really happily) of the last few weeks of my wife's pregnancy. my nesting got a little out of hand, painting and folding and laundry and putting furniture together.

    congratulations to you both!