Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Too busy running my mouth.

Look at these ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING children of ours! This was taken last weekend at their first trip to the zoo. They were sitting in a big duck egg sculpture. The pollen is so bad here that the dandelion puffs were falling like rain! Seriously.

I've been so busy running my mouth about other stuff that I didn't mention that Ruby has TWO teeth and El has another on the way. Also, I swear they've been trying to kiss us lately ... they put their little open mouths right up to your cheek. I didn't truly believe that's what they were doing until the BabyCenter email told me so this morning. :)


  1. Wow! What gorgeous girls you have! And the kissing- so sweet!

  2. that is the most beautiful photo!!!!

  3. This could possibly be my all time favorite picture of the girls. Ruby looks like she's having the best laugh of her life and Ellie looks like a shy, old fashioned face out of a painting.