Monday, May 3, 2010

Two Ton Death Machine

We were almost hit by a car while walking in our neighborhood. This is the second time something like this happened, though the first time, the driver actually grazed Lauren's hand with her drivers' side mirror (and would've hit her squarely if I hadn't yelled at Lauren to move). Our rule after the first time was, never assume a car is going to slow down for you or see you. Now our rule has to become: if there is a car anywhere near you, do not try to cross the street. This neighborhood is terrible for pedestrians- it's bad in NYC in general, but this is the worst I've ever experienced.

I lost it and started screaming at the driver. As she passed (with earphone dangling, by the way), I said something like "watch your f*cking car". She said something along the lines of "get out of the way," I said "I'm a f*cking pedestrian and I have the right of way." Her response was "Nice language to teach your f*cking kids." A few more words were exchanged (I can't remember exactly what). As we were walking away, I turned around & made a motion like I was blowing a kiss to her. She yelled after us something like, "look at those fat @sses, those f*cking tubs of lard." I couldn't help myself... I slapped my ass and yelled at her to "kiss it."

We, of course, were really shaken and angry when we got home. That driver was definitely in the wrong. She should've at least slowed down. She was a jerk, but she what she said about teaching our kids is sticking with me.

What will it teach them that I cursed out this stranger? I don't have a problem with the language I used... I curse often and though I'm trying to curb myself (a. I don't want the girls to do it and b. it isn't particularly creative), if there was ever an "appropriate" time to curse, that was it.

I guess if she'd shown some remorse, or it hadn't been the second time someone had nearly run over my family in nearly the same spot, maybe I wouldn't have gone to the lengths I did. I acted the way I did because I was scared and feeling powerless, but what good did expressing my anger do? I could've the crap out of the girls (Ruby, who I was holding, didn't seem phased), the woman could've had a knife (I don't know, it's possible), etc. Better to just say "Watch it" and keep walking, no matter what that b*tch said back to us?


  1. SCARY ! maybe you should just avoid this street all together.
    I think you should have taken down her license plate number. the time. the street address and called the cops. If anything they would have contacted her and scared her a little.

    Glad you are all ok.

  2. K- unfortunately, that's the only way to get to the grocery store that doesn't involve walking along the even bigger street with tons of cars! And you know how frickin' big a double stroller is... you can't even see if a car's coming until the damn thing is 2 feet out into the street in front of you! We either need to get a car, move out of the city, or both.

  3. ugh. can't imagine a new york parent that hasn't been in this sitch AND reacted similarly. i cannot imagine what i would have done. when i crossed the street i used to hold my hands out and just say, "stop your fucking car." no matter if they were about to stop or not. and i have smacked cars that stopped short of hitting me. but i do think that was pushing it, b/c they could have a weapon or get physical. yikes. it just stinks that so many people live their lives so rudely unaware of their surroundings. it isn't blissful to be unaware. it's obnoxious and potential (and sadly often) dangerous.
    no advice, just my sympathy and camaraderie. oh and love, of course.

  4. tony swears all the time, when mad, and when he's not mad. every day i remind him but doesn't seem to do any good. ... anyways, is there any way to organize or get a petition together with some of the neighbors or neighborhood watch or council or some kind of group to write to your city council or whoever to get some of those speed bumps to slow people down,