Thursday, April 29, 2010

Uh, Am I Hearing You Correctly?

I'm overhearing a phone conversation between my coworker and his primary physician. Apparently, his wife, kids at his kids' school, and people in his neighborhood have whooping cough.

This is all because some parents choose not to vaccinate. I'm all for reading the D.r. Se.ars Vaccination Book. We did, and we're following the delayed schedule, but jesus christ on a stick. I wish people would vaccinate their kids. If you don't vaccinate, you are relying on all those folks out there that DO vaccinate to keep you & your kids safe. That doesn't seem fair, that you rely on other people's kids to shoulder the burden for you.

I now have to worry about my infants getting a potentially dangerous illness that no one gets anymore because of someone living 200 miles away who came into contact with someone who came into contact with someone who came in contact with someone I know. That doesn't seem right.


  1. Seriously !?
    Stay away from THAT guy :)

  2. Zeebah and I talked about this issue tonight.

    When Z posted this today, it was in the heat of the moment of having just found out about her co-worker's situation. I understand why she was upset. We recently had a mumps outbreak here in Brooklyn, and it IS scary. We rely 100% on public transportation to move around our city - while our babies are home with me during the day, the potential for them coming into contact with someone who can make them sick is real. This is not something we dwell on, but it is something we try to be careful about.

    Spreading out our children's vaccinations and waiting to do some of them when they are a little older is the path we've chosen for our kids. No matter which side you come down on with vaccinations, there is no denying that we all love our children and that we are trying to keep them safe from harm. I respect that other parents may make different choices for their children than I do for mine.

    I'm crossing my fingers for all of us.

  3. we just watched the frontline program on this issue. the problem, as i see it, is that there is an emotional response from parents regarding the dangers of vaccines. but none of it is based in science. and with international travel and some families choosing not to vaccinate, there is a real danger of resurrecting potentially deadly diseases like mumps, whooping cough, measles, and polio. it is scary.