Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bossy and cute.

All of us (and the judge) on our adoption day:

Some cute stuff about...

-Ru: has been Houdini-ing her way out of her sleep sack during the night. Has been "helping" me fasten the buckle of her highchair, so I'm sure Ms. Picky Fingers will figure THAT out soon, too. Walks up to her sister and says "Share" if she wants whatever El has.

-El: slower and less frequent with words, but when she says them, she does so perfectly. We always ask the girls for "pats," and they pat us on the back. The other day she started patting me and saying "pats." This morning, she pointed to her aunt's baby picture on the wall and said "baby."

In the last week, they've started playing a game where they'll run to the opposite end of the room. We clap our hands and hold out our arms and they come running to give us a hug before running off again. They LOVE doing head-shoulders-knees-and toes. They can't sing along, other than saying "heaaaa--" and touching their heads, and they skip shoulders and knees and go straight for the toes, but they love it.

Also, I dunno. Maybe writing all that stuff out yesterday worked the "what if we didn't have another kid" out of my system? And maybe I still want to have another kid? Jury's still out until September, I supposed.


  1. I love that game. GREAT game running into open arms.

    Lots of time to ponder :)