Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh, too much.

The eating, the eating. Both of the girls have taken to swiping their arms back and forth and knocking the food on their trays onto the floor. I don't get the feeling that it's just because they're finished eating. We have their highchairs set up right in front of our dining table. Last night, Zazie put a plate of the fried rice she'd just made on the table to cool, not realizing it was in arms' reach and BAM! El reached for it and knocked it to the floor, so we lost the portion they were supposed to eat and the plate it was on (we normally use the melamine plates when we serve them, but Zazie put their food on one of the breakable plates). We tried to give them the remainder (there goes OUR dinner!) of the fried rice. First, we put some on the trays, but neither of them would eat it, so we put it in their bowls and gave them spoons. Ru completely refuses our help now if a utensil she can use is in sight. We can't give her a pre-filled spoon to feed herself, she won't let us guide her hand to pick up food, and god forbid she take anything spooned into her mouth.... she just sits there and stabs at whatever's in the bowl, not picking anything up. When I tried to help her, she started crying and screaming and crying and screaming. El on the other hand? That girls just wants to eat. She'll give eating with a spoon a shot, but if you feed her, she doesn't complain, because that means the food gets to her belly faster.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog-- Lucas does the SAME thing with his food on his tray. And, he seems to be enjoying something, only to play-doh-fun-factory it out of his mouth in a long, gross string! Blech! I guess it's a typical thing for their age, huh?