Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hat Trick

I do the wake-up routine with the girls in the morning. When we hear them on the monitor (or I finally decide to get out of bed), I go in, take off their sleep sacks, change their diapers and clothes. When both girls are dressed and ready, I usually say "Let's go see Mommy" (the only reliable phrase that will get them to stop what they're doing and leave the room) and we all walk over to the door. If they still have their pacifiers, I'll pull them out of their mouths with a cluck of my tongue (somehow the tongue clucking keeps them from being annoyed that I've just made them pacifier-less), put the pacifiers away, and then we go to the living room. What happened THIS morning was a little like some old-fashioned comedy routine. Ru was standing on one of the car seats when I pulled her pacifier out. I turned around and crossed the room to put her pacifier away, and when I turned back, she had another pacifier in her mouth. For a second I was a little confused- maybe in my half-awake state I only thought I'd pulled it out? So with a cluck, I took the pacifier out, turned around to put it away, and saw that yes, I'd already pulled one out because it was in the box already. I turn back around and what do I find? Ru with another pacifier in her mouth! Ru somehow had not one, but THREE pacifiers! I couldn't stop laughing. Ru laughed like she was in on the joke, but maybe she was just laughing because I was. :)


  1. She's a clever girl, that Ru. :-D

  2. I just thought of this....

    The Amazing RU-DINI!!

  3. Sneaky little person :) She probably had them tucked in her diaper ! ha ha