Thursday, October 20, 2011

Oh, ya'll.

The appointment is at 1:30pm and I'm nearly jumping out of my skin right now. We couldn't get anyone to watch the girls, so they are going with us. I was so nervous about how bringing them with us might turn out (visions of loud toddlers pulling things down in the doctor's come to mind) that I was going to go by myself, but that thought just made me sad. So Zazie's picking me up from work and then we are headed to the doctor, girls in tow. If we strap them into their strollers, that should work, right??!

I am reading Unconditional Parenting right now. My parents were fine, they did what they could do, but there are things about my parenting inclinations that I'd like to change for the girls. Maybe it's where I'm at right now (two gorgeous girls, planning on another), but this book is really getting to me... it's giving me some pretty crazy insight into the way I was raised and how that might have affected the person I am today. I'm still in the here's what not to do section, I'm assuming that he's going to give great suggestions. I highly recommend, and I'm only 1/4 of the way into it!

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