Thursday, October 13, 2011

Our little bag lady

El loves to walk around all day long with many things in her hand. This morning, it was two Halloween pumpkins (the kind for trick-or-treating), two felt purses, and a couple play silks. Yesterday, she walked around with a pair of pants and a sweater. Other days, she walks around with her play ice cream cones, or dinosaurs, or take your pick of toys, she's probably walked around with it.

Speaking of playsilks, did you know that you can dye them with kool@id? You can! Check out this awesome tutorial, complete with color recipes at Tried and True: Dyed Playsilks. I wish I'd seen this tutorial before I made the ones for the girls' birthday. Mind you, it probably wouldn't have helped, since I could only find red, orange and yellow in our neighborhood grocery. Whatevs. The pot was too small, so they're a little one-tone tye-dyed, but here's what they looked like. I felt pretty proud of myself.

1 comment:

  1. M does the same thing, still. It s endearing except on the occasions where I find food secreted away "for later". Blech!

    Excellent work on the silks. We have many orange things since it is my favorite color :). Our orange silks, bandanas, t-shirts and anything else the kids find are currently being pressed into service as hot lava for dinosaurs.