Thursday, October 27, 2011

Problem Solved

So that annoying thing that's been happening with the paragraph breaks, ie there haven't been any? It's because Bl.ogger opens up in html. Well, gee, if I'd noticed that, I would've put the g-d
tags in myself, now wouldn't I? Annoying. Well, now I know.

Also thanks to lovely K over at Role Playing, I finally know why I wasn't getting any comments. I mean, aside from the fact that I don't have many people reading. I think I've fixed the commenting problem. Oh, Bl.gger, you are a pain in the butt... it's a good thing you're free.

And speaking of K, she had the great idea to solve the girls' splashing, Mama steaming issue: clear shower curtain. Keep them behind it while they splash! I'll be picking up a clear shower curtain at Tar-jay next time I'm there.

In cute things, Ru came into the bathroom while I was blowdrying my hair. When I finished, she told me "good job, Mama." What a sweetie. Of course, that probably means I'm not doing the unconditional parenting thing right. Oh well, I'll take it.


  1. What's wrong with "good job, Mama?"

  2. I'm so glad that the shower curtain thing will work. You may just promote splashy time during bathtime :)
    I thought we people called it Tar-gay :) ha ha

  3. Katie, it isn't that saying good job is so wrong, I think... it's more just avoiding mindless praise. Like "good drinking your milk" or "good stacking those blocks". The idea is that you're supposed to comment on what they're doing or narrate it as opposed to just praising them all the time because then they stop doing things because they're motivated internally and they start doing things for your approval.