Monday, September 17, 2012

So what would YOU do?

On Saturday, friends came over for dinner with their three kids. Halfway through, the oldest started laying on her mom saying she didn't want to play, that she didn't feel well. Turns out she'd had diarrhea and a fever all day! And they still brought her over!

This couple is notorious among our friends for bringing sick kids to events. Then their sick kids get everyone else sick. It doesn't help that their kids are always sick- either they're just sickly or it's that they're in daycare.  They never cancel. They just bring them snotty, feverish, pooping excessively, whatever.

Now Ellie's sick and I'm pissed. Who brings sick kids over to play, especially when one of their moms is pregnant? I guess since their kids are always sick they don't give a sh*t? I don't want our kids to live in a bubble, but they get sick every. single. time. we see this couple.

Is there a tactful way to say, "Hey, could you please cancel? Or could one of you stay home with the sick kid?"

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  1. Oh good lord. I too hate when my kids get sick and wish that people would be better at keeping them home.
    I have said...."how are your kids feeling ? if they say that they are sick or just getting over something..I'll say sarcastically but getting the point across. "keep em away from us. we don't want to get that"

    Maybe just keep up with how everyone is feeling just before inviting them and then make your decision :)
    Good luck.