Thursday, April 29, 2010


After we found out about the donor, we decided it was time to set up a listserv for parents of the kids. Some of us had already been in touch through the Donor Sibling Registry, which is great for finding people but not so great for communicating as a group.

If I had contact information, I added someone to the group. I also messaged everyone on DSR asking if they wanted to be added. I even contacted someone from the donor's condolence website whose message hinted she was a parent.

Somehow, some way, the donor's mother is now a member of the listserv. This morning, she sent us all a message talking about her son. Wow. An excerpt: ... knowing that all of you strong and amazing women and your beautiful children are here is more of a blessing than I can express.

What a lady. Seriously. We will definitely be writing to her, now to figure out what to say.


  1. Did he have any children of his own ?
    OMG, how awesome that she's talking to you. I absolutely love that.
    I hope you share more of the conversations that you have with the mother with us. I would love to hear about it.

  2. Right?

    No, no children of his own. He apparently told the staff of the bank that he wasn't sure if he'd ever have any.

    I'm thinking Zazie & I will sit down tonight & write her a letter to send our condolences & thank her. I will def. post updates!

  3. Wow. Keep us posted of the letter - would love to hear what you say and if she reponds!

  4. this is a beautiful woman! how lovely, in this painful time, that she is open enough to reach out. and what a gift for all of the parents and children. wonders, even in grief. xoxo