Saturday, April 10, 2010

Would it be too weird?

We kept seeing kids around the neighborhood with these shoes last summer & we loved them. And then we saw an ADULT wearing them and we flipped out... really? adult sizes? Awesome!!

Problem is, Zazie and I both want them. And wouldn't the girls look cute in them? We've decided that might be a little too strange, all of us traipsing around in the same shoes, even if they're in different colors.


  1. I wanted a red pair (whatever it is, if given an option, I want the red one) of these sandals so much last summer - but the thought of my very pregnant, swollen feet being comfortable in them was questionable, so I held off. That, of course, didn't stop me from chasing a lady down, while large with twins and in the height of summer, to find out who makes these sassy sandals.

    I'm afraid I'm going to have to be petulant and call dibs on these! I don't mind coordinating with the babies, but we CANNOT wear the exact same shoes. This is a recurring theme in our lives - trying to avoid dressing like identical twins. You spend enough years influencing each other's tastes, and eventually your tastes meld and become one "supertaste." Do all couples do this, too, or are we just weirdos?

  2. What's so strange about it? If you both like them for you and for the girls, I say wear them. So you all have on the same shoes--it's not like you're all sporting matching green wigs and Groucho Marx glasses. Who cares what people think?