Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy valentine's day!

I suck at holidays. And birthdays. I either forget or I come up with something pretty unmeaningful (yeah, it's not a word). Forget Valentine's, I even stink at celebrating Christmas. Poor Zazie. This year, inspired by K's post about her tradition with her dad, I got the girls balloons (I'll save the flowers for later). I still don't have anything for Zazie. Crappy drugstore valentine's cards or chocolate don't reflect how I feel at all, and it's too late to make something, so hmmm.

Every year, Zazie's done a special Valentine's Day picture with the girls. This year, she tried to get them to say Happy Valentine's Day on video. First, they said "Happy birthday!" Then they said "Happy New Year's!" She was finally able to get them close... they said "Happy balance beam!" Well, okay, then, girls. You could be cuter but I'm not sure how that's possible.

Oh, wait. How about the weird game where they turn their mini Swedish retailer chairs (rhymes with Schmikea) over on their sides, stand between the legs and the seat and "make D!et C0ke." We don't drink a ton of it, we certainly don't make it. This morning, I even got to try a sip.

Yesterday, I was also requested to play music on the raccoon while Ru played music on her "magic" (a bubble wand).

They're either making you crazy or making you want to die of cuteness.


  1. Glad to inspire.

    I'd like to know what kind of music a raccoon makes ? high pitch or just chatter sounds ?
    Happy V-day !

  2. "They're either making you crazy or making you want to die of cuteness."
    Yes! Roo's theory is that parenthood is 75% joy, 15% frustration and 10% embarassment.
    So glad to hear that there's 2 happy fertilized eggs.