Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Your daily update

Beta yesterday was 198. The nurse said that was excellent, and who am I to question? I'll go in tomorrow for another test.

So I need to ask the wisdom of the internets about something. El has always, always loved to carry things around in her hands... anything in a package, her toy ice cream cone, etc. Lately, things have become a little coo-coo. When we go shopping at Tar.jay, we've gotten in the habit of getting them something from the $1 section at the front of the store. First thing El says is "Pick a toy?" when we get there. She's gotten a few of those gross rubber toys with the floppy spikes on them (not my best description, hope you get what I'm talking about). These guys (Froggy and Green Guy) are not allowed to leave her sight, she's always holding one in her hand. She plays with them, she takes them out of the house with her, she bathes with them. We always make her put her toys down while she eats. She usually doesn't like it, but she'll put them down without too much complaint. Except for these damn green toys. She cried and yelled for at least a half an hour at dinner. Once she gets to screaming like that, she pushes her plate/cup away and there's really no consoling if she remembers that Green Guy is anywhere in the vicinity. Last night after her flip out, we let her take Green Guy to bed with her though it has these obnoxious lights inside that light when you touch it. Once she was asleep, we snuck in and took it out of her crib because we didn't want it to wake her up. Guess who she remembered immediately on waking this morning? Yeah. What the heck? Any advice or kind reassurance that this stage won't last forever?


  1. EXCELLENT numbers. GREAT Beta girl. Healthy baby boy.

    So, that's actually super great that she is so attached to something. A little way she is able to self soothe. I'm sorry that it's green and pokey and lights up at inappropriate times. :)
    This too shall pass. My only suggestions would be to wait it out. Or try and switch this lovey for another less pokey and lighty.
    Maybe take her to the store and have her exchange it right there at the toy aisle. She puts hers in the place of another one. Then while she's not looking...grab the other toy and throw it (not away because we both know this new lovey might not make the grade and then you'd be in hell trying to find her green one) your bag.
    other wise....give her the control of where she has it and when. Stop trying to take it away from her. It soothes her and that's a good thing :)

  2. Oh, that makes it sound so mean! But then, I guess it is a mean thing, from her perspective. I guess we'll let her hold onto it as much as she wants. Thanks, K.