Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The hours tick on and I'm still waiting to hear from the RE's office about how many eggs were retreived and how many fertilized from the retrieval yesterday. Butterflies!

IVF is hopefully going to give us what we want, but I have to say that it is quite traumatizing for me, too. As someone with few health problems, I haven't had to have many surgeries in my life. All of these needles and bruises, going under anesthesia yesterday, it's a lot to take. It's pretty scary to go into a room and lay on a table with your legs up in the air/strapped down and then get put under, knowing they'll be digging around in your lady bits. I had no problems with the anesthesia, minimal cramping... I felt pretty sleepy yesterday, but I took a nap in the afternoon and felt fine after.

I G0.0gled around looking for information on when implantation might happen so I'd be able to time my acupuncture appointments. From what I've read you should have acupuncture immediately before and immediately after transfer.  I would love to go day of, but my acupuncture place doesn't have anyone working Thursday. I don't really feel like going somewhere else and having another intake interview just to go there once, so I guess I'll go tomorrow and Friday when my place is open. And then again, whenever implantation is supposed to happen. Unfortunately, it seems like everyone has a different answer on implantation timing. I am going to stop G.00gling now because I was going to a worry place (ie I read something about day 3 transfers and how you can't tell which embryos might be successful at that point). I am trying not to worry this week!

Something else I read in my web travels suggested that you watch only happy movies and listen to happy music. Another board recommended having Chinese food on the day of the transfer, but the Chinese in our neighborhood stinks, so we're going to do Thai. I hope this RE phone call doesn't f- that up. Whatever, I'm just going to be positive and give it up to the universe! 


  1. Thinking of you and hoping you hear great news soon! Also worth asking about the acupuncture ear magnets... I had them placed the day before the transfer and they stayed in for 4-6 days I think. Totally painless and if they did nothing but give me something to focus on and put my energy into, they were worth it. My acupuncturist placed them with the little metal probe all around my ear canal in specific places and instructed me to apply pressure on them lightly at certain times.

  2. Keep us updated. I am so excited too !