Thursday, February 16, 2012


So that went better than expected. After some harrowing minutes in traffic, we made it nearly on time. Both embryos made it to today. One had 8 cells, one 7. They put the 8 in. They asked if we wanted to let the other go to day 5 for freezing... We hadn't even signed the consent form for cryo, since in our consultation they didn't even think it was a possibility! We're letting it go for now, but of course, we can't afford the storage. Oh well. Point is that the matter-of-fact German doctor said we have a good chance! Whee! Stick, little dude, stick!!


  1. Great news!!! Eat your pineapple! ;)

  2. OMG I'm sending SOOOO many implant little baby good vibes.
    Lay down and REST ! don't stress (yeah right) and start testing on day 3. for me. please. :)

  3. Exciting! Fingers crossed!