Wednesday, February 8, 2012

That part's done

We went and signed the dumb form today. Yesterday when I called the doctor's office to schedule a time, they told me that they didn't encourage people to bring kids. Too bad for them, then, because we really didn't have a choice. We took them in their strollers, they instantly took us to a room to wait, and we were in and out quickly. Total time from parking our car at the garage and including the time it took us to buy a bagel and eat it? 45 minutes. Right on.

Acquaintances of ours whose daughter is a few months younger than the girls just announced that the other mom is pregnant. Why does that give me a pang? We are trying to get pregnant right now (hopefully, successfully), so why the twinge?!


  1. I think the twingeis natural so don't beat yourself up. You're next!

  2. Ha! Don't bring kids? Right. I remember being teary in the RE waiting room on days I found out I'd lost embryos or was feeling hopeless. I may have cursed some one for torturing us infertiles with the presence of - gasp - live kid in the waiting room, but I was always fully clear that my sadness was my own, and if folks were in the RE a office they had their own share of misery.

    I brought my two 3 and 4 year old kids to every appointment when trying to have out 3rd. They were, for the most part, well behaved.

    Sorry - wow. This feeling of pain/guilt doesn't really go away, does it?

    Everything is crossed for you. I'm behind on postings because you are under "z" in my google reader. I've renamed your blog sooooo you are up to of the list. :)