Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I just don't freakin' know.

How do I feel? Exhausted, weird, twingy, crampy. All the things that might be signs I'm preggo or might be signs that I've been faithfully doing my proges.terone like I'm supposed to. I feel like I might be, but again, all of my symptoms can pretty much be chalked up to the drugs they've got me on. I do feel different though.

In a moment of perfect timing (not), my parents are coming to visit this weekend. My dad has come to visit once the entire time we've been in NYC (nearly 13 years). My parents are unaware that anything's been happening- we told them when we were trying for the girls, but this time, my lip is zipped. Time to hide the meds and the prenatal vitamins! I'm a little anxious about their visit... will they want to die cooped up in our apartment all weekend? (my dad has declared he won't be walking) Will they think the girls are terribly misbehaved? (Probably- they were pretty strict with my sister and I) I guess it'll be a distraction, at the very least, right?

It's also my birthday Sunday (37! What?! Anyone want to take a few of these years, I swear I can't be this old!). My mom has promised that they'll watch the girls Saturday night so we can go out. That'll be good. We haven't had a date in months. Sadly, even the embryo transfer felt like a date because we had some time alone, it's been so long.

Blood test is next Tuesday. Zazie doesn't think we should test before then. I guess I'm going to go along with it. No point in getting upset until there's a reason.


  1. OR getting all excited and happy before hand.
    You can TOTALLY tell right now. I know they say don't...but you should. and I don't want you to go against Zazie...but maybe just do it to surprise her. IF it's negative...then don't tell her you tested. but if it's POSITIVE then you can plan some special way of telling her. And not a stupid blood test and phone call. blah.
    So. Did I talk you in to it ? One 37 yr old to another. ;-)

  2. I tested out my trigger with all three IVFs. With the first and last (minna and Althea!) it was great to see the line fade out and come back. Witt the middle ivf though that whole week was just awful. I shouldn't have had tests in the house with ANY of them. I never liked the thought of waiting for a phone call (from a possibly frazzled nurse--and not all of them give bad news nicely, I'll tell ya) with news of that magnitude. A lot of ivf buddies of mine have tested the morning of beta. I thought this was a good plan, but I was always too weak to stick to it!