Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Insurance company gives me a heart attack.

I am still shaking.

I went online to check how much money I had in my FSA. Medical had put a $11000 charge in for all my meds. All my money was gone and apparently, I owed $8000. I was told when I placed the order that everything would be covered except shipping. But then you start second-guessing yourself- maybe I heard what I wanted to hear?

Why you tryin to give me a heart attack, insurance company?

I called them. I gave my story to five different dumb @ssholes. All of them passed the buck and I had to give my story to someone new. By the time I got to rep #6, I explained the story to her and then I said "Look, I've explained this a bunch of times and I'm beginning to lose my patience." Thankfully, she said it was obvious it should've been covered 100%, she put it back to be reprocessed, I should have the money back in a couple weeks.

Whew. I am still shaky.


  1. I think testing will put your mind at ease. make you feel a lot less nervous.
    Just sayin.