Friday, March 2, 2012


Writing every day? Huh? Who am I? 

Cute story Zazie just told me... 
This morning, Ru didn't realize you'd gone until after you most likely out of the building - she started calling for you and I said that you had just left. She started knocking on the front door and said, "Hey, Mama, I want to kiss you!"
Our donor's sister is coming for an overnight visit on her way through town. We're meeting her boyfriend, seems that they're getting pretty serious, so it'll be nice to meet him. We're going to tell her the news... I think she's going to be very excited!

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  1. My kids esPECIALLY my little boys are the same way with J. I have had to call her to drive back around the block so that they could kiss her goodbye. It's the saddest thing ever.

    Can't wait to hear what she has to say !