Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The update

Last week was rough in spots. I kept coming across articles mentioning things that no newly pregnant lady should read- my child has a rare chromosomal disorder, I had to terminate my pregnancy because of the baby's horrible, life-threatening deformities, I miscarried at twelve weeks. Can we get to this nuchal test now please? Oh wait, dag. That's not going to be for another month and a half.

Ain't nothin' to it but to do it (something I heard a husband saying to his laboring wife, btw, and I think it's awesome and useful in so many situations). No reason to worry until there's a reason to worry, right? I am still not feeling 100% "there's a baby coming to our house in November" but I am inching toward feeling that way. Maybe by six months.

Sickness kicked in like clockwork yesterday. For those of you counting at home, today is six weeks. I have been eating ginger chews like crazy. I need to eat so often to avoid the gags- it's really feeling like annoying work and we're only two days in. How do you eat frequently when nothing is appealing? I'm feeling a little heartburn-y, too. If it's this way now, I'm really going to feel like sh*t toward the end.


  1. Glad you're here.
    It's so hard to explain that to someone in the middle of it. Even if you feel like you've somehow prepared yourself...if the outcome is bad you will be exactly the same sad and same angry and same pissed off as if you had danced along thinking things were perfect. It always sucks.
    BUT ! The outcome is a baby in November so it would be STUPID to sit here and contemplate the worst. I mean. Come one. All you are doing is sending stress to that little person in your belly's brain and that helps to create a drama queen. TRUST ME. I know !

    Sorry you're sick. Don't eat black licorice.
    If for any reason....it's a bitch to clean up.
    Try Popsicle. Slushees. Slurpees. aaaaah. They were a life saver to my blood levels :)

  2. Hope you are feeling ok. Haven't heard from you ?

  3. by the way. my lasts word verification was diorkin dikchat. what's that about ? :)

  4. After the stress of the whole process, I welcomed the queasiness as a distraction from worry! Maybe that's why it happens? Helped me, anyway. Have you had your heartbeat appointment yet? Must be any day if not yet! That'll be a big reassurance!