Thursday, March 1, 2012

Okay, really. Deep breaths now.

Zazie's IVF stuff was processed by our insurance, no problem. Apparently, this time around they really are trying to kill me. You know that part about how my meds were billed to my FSA, and how they fixed it? Well, no, they hadn't. I checked my account online to see if the issue had been resolved yet and it hadn't. My retrieval and transfer last week hadn't been covered and according to them, not only did I owe for the meds but I also owed for both procedures. That's thousands and thousands of dollars, people, and this well is nearly dry as it is. I called the insurance company and they told me I was over my lifetime maximum (which should cover at least 1 IVF procedure so wtf?) It turns out that they had billed for my meds not once, but THREE TIMES. THREE. It was a glitch, they're fixing it, but in the meantime, my doctor's office thinks that my insurance isn't paying anymore, so it won't be long before they start asking for payment up front. I am sure this will be resolved at some point, but my heart is racing and I feel a little shaky. This is not a good, healthy feeling and I really don't need this hanging over my head right now. Deep breaths... yes, I am trying to remain calm.

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  1. It's that it's such a pain in the ass to boot.
    I'm sorry that it's been such a hassle.
    Pass this off to the wife to deal with.
    Keep your blood pressure at a healthy level please :)
    Just remember. The stress you feel, you pass on to your baby and he feels it too.
    Don't make your baby be a stress case already :)