Thursday, March 1, 2012

How did you refer to your kid when they were on the inside?

We came up with the girls' names pretty quickly after we found out they were girls, so we called them their names while they were in utero ... I don't remember what we  called them before that. Our friends E and P are calling their baby "Bean." A. called her son "The Pierogi." My sister-in-law called her son "Fred"- something about B-fast at T.iffany's, if I remember? 

What did you call your kid when they were on the inside? 


  1. Blueberry and Peanut, based upon the size they were, in utero, at the time we decided to call them that.

    And we were the ones to coin the term, "Fred," for Mr. Nephew - because of his mother's love of that movie.


  2. We called Figgy, well, Figgy. Fig is where it started - J wanted a food-related nickname. Because of our miscarriage, it all seemed surreal, so I liked Figment, like a figment of our imagination.

  3. I think I was really creative and either called them baby A and baby B...or just the babies.

    Great beta numbers girl ! Still dancing.

  4. We were real creative. we called it "the baby."